Canyon Jams | Hectic Hobo & Salduro | July 30th

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Canyon Jams | Hectic Hobo & Salduro | July 30th

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Hectic Hobo is self described as "Wild-west whiskey rock whirlwind of fiery fiddle, saloon piano, electric guitar, gypsy accordion, banjo, rock n roll bass/drums" genre. This is a show you can't miss. 

Sunday, July 30th
1pm Doors Open
2pm Music


Saludro will be opening for the afternoon.

Latin for "hard salt," Salduro was a railway station very near the salt flats outside Wendover. The town grew to roughly 200 residents, but was abandoned when the potash plant that supported the town was dismantled. Salduro remained a ghost until a fire wiped out the remains in 1944. There is nothing there anymore.

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