The 2nd Annual Paddleboard Jousting tournament is a sporting activity for adults. Held on Saturday, September 2nd at First Dam Park. While the tournament is a competition, we expect everyone to be respectful and to participate light-heartedly. Our main goals are to:

  • Host a fun, organized sporting outdoor recreation event

  • Provide entertainment for the spectators

  • Encourage interest in paddleboarding and other human powered water sports

Participant Registration:

  • Participants must register in advance and complete a risk and liability waiver prior to participating and medical agreement.

  • Participants MUST be 18 years or older.

  • Jousters will be registered as individuals but can participate as teams.

  • Jousters are encouraged to wear costumes. Costumes may not interfere with helmets or personal floatation devices during time of jousting.

  • SNC reserves the right to refuse participation to any participant at anytime: ie. inappropriate behavior/language.

  • While the event will have many expected and unexpected risks, the organizers will do their best to emphasize safety and participants will be expected to comply with use    of safety equipment and safety decisions made by the organizers.

Registration Fee- $10 for individuals $35 for a team (4 people)


The Jousting & Rules:

  • Participants will be required to use paddleboards and paddles/padded jousting poles provided at the event.

  • Practice time will be available during the morning of the event.

  • Jousting will only be permitted in designated areas.

  • Jousters will be called two at a time to joust

  • Jousters are required to wear an approved PDF and helmet during tournament (mouthguard and footwear are strongly suggested)

  • Each jousting match will be allotted 5 minutes

  • During each battle, opponents try to joust each other off their boards. Only the padded end of the paddle/jousting pole may be used to joust the opponent. PDF shots only. The jousting pole should not be used to wiggle the opponent’s board.

  • The winner of the battle will be the jouster who is still standing (or last one to hit the water.)

  • There will be a referee on site who will declare a winner of a battle or match.

  • After elimination rounds there will be semi-­‐finals and a final match to determine one    overall   Individual Grand Champion and one Team Grand Champions

  • Awards will be announced for Tourney Champions, Best Costume, and Best Fan – determined by a special judge panel of event sponsors.

For questions or concerns, please contact Emily Blake at Emily@logannature.org