School programs

Sensory Hike

Take an adventure along the Logan River Nature Trail using your senses to discover sights, sounds, smells, and feelings of nature.

1.5 hours | Preschool

Nature explorers

Investigate living things and explore the natural world around us using all your senses.

1.5 hours | Kindergarten

Core Standards

All About Plants

Discover what seeds need to grow, how plant parts function, and why pollination helps the whole ecosystem.

1.5 hours | 1st Grade
Core Standards


Explore the unique characteristics of rocks, experience the life cycle of a rock, and practice your detective skills by learning how to identify rocks.

2 hours | 2nd Grade
Core Standards



Let's appreciate the Logan River at Stokes Nature Center! Come find out who lives in this riparian habitat, determine the health of the water, and more.

2 hours | 3rd & 5th Grade
Core Standards


Dive into learning about the power of water and how it affects us right here in Cache Valley. Even build and test your own water wheels!

1-2 hours | Any Grade

Canyon Adventures &
winter Snowshoe Adventures

         Experience all the great outdoors has to offer in any season with
guided naturalist hikes!

1-2.5 hours | Any Grade

 Custom Programs

   We are happy to work with schools or teachers who wish to custom-design a program to fit their classroom's needs.  We can also create multi-visit programs throughout the school year. Imagine the possibilities!


Stokes Nature Center has fun, hands-on experiments and instructors do a great job of teaching the children on a level that they can understand... My goal is to have them present in my classroom every year.”
— Program evaluation comment

To schedule a school program and for more information

Click the button below, call us at 435-755-3239, or visit the nature center during open hours!

Dear Stokes Nature Center,

Ever ‘sence’ you came me and my ‘freind’ went crazy with rocks. We found lots of pumice by his house. Thank you for coming. I really enjoyed it!”
— 2nd grade participant in "Rockin' with Rocks"