Stokes Nature Center is proud to help Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts become stewards of our natural world!


We offer programs for scouts to earn badges, get questions answered, and complete service projects. 
If you are looking for your troop to explore the nature center, just stop by during our open hours.

Cub Scouts


Backyard Jungle

Go on a safari with us as we explore Logan Canyon! Take a closer look on a 1 foot hike, make a bird feeder, and plant a seed. On a hike we will discover the plants and animals that live around us!

1 hour

Tigers in the Wild

Learn how to prepare for a hike! We’ll pack our bags and along our hike discover what plants and animals live in Logan Canyon.

1 hour

Fur, Feathers, and Ferns

Go on a 1 mile hike to explore the plants and animals that live all around us. We’ll talk about animals that lived in the past and examine plants up close. Learn all about compost and use some to plant your own seed!

1.5 hours

Paws on the Path

Ready for a hiking adventure? We’ll pack our bags, find a buddy, and head out on a 1 mile hike. Along the way we’ll identify animals and make our own map.

1.5 hours

Into the Woods

Become a botanist as we discover the amazing world of plants. Learn to identify different plants and become a tree ring detective. We’ll also plant a seed and talk all about the importance of plants in our lives.

2 hours

Earth Rocks

Go on a rock hunt to find different rocks and minerals! Become a geologist and learn to identify the treasures you find.

2 hours

Into the Wild (req. 4-9)

Discover the world of aquatic and riparian ecosystems. Look for aquatic organisms and learn all about the plants and animals that call the Logan River home. Through games and activities you will learn how to care for our wonderful, water environments!

2 hours

Schedule a Scout trip to
Stokes Nature Center

For more information or to schedule a program:
(435) 755-3239

8 scout minimum for programs.

1 hour and 1.5 hour programs : $5 per scout
2 hour programs : $8 per scout

Girl Scout and Boy Scout Awards

Please ask about opportunities for service projects at the Nature Center!

Girl Scouts


Use Resources Wisely petal

Read Clover's story and learn how you can use your resources wisely. Make a craft to take home from recycled materials.

1 hour


Learn all about bugs and other critters through a hike, craft, and other fun activities! Discover where bugs like to live and help make some habitat for bugs. Observe them up close and learn what makes them amazing creatures!

1.5 hours


Come explore nature with us as we use all five of our senses. Test your taste buds with some delectable grub and discover how looks can be deceiving! On a hike, we’ll use all of our senses and discover some surprises in nature.

1.5 hours


Are you ready for an adventure? Learn all you need to know about hiking through fun games and activities. We’ll pack some delicious trail snacks and with our new knowledge head out along the river trail!

1.5 hours

Animal Habitats

Explore the amazing world of animals in Logan Canyon! Learn what animals need to survive and make your own animal habitat. Discover what you can do to help endangered animals and give back by providing habitat for animals in your own environment.

2 hours


Are you ready to learn the secrets of flowers? Take a hike through Logan Canyon as you learn to identify different native flowers. We’ll make some “flowers” out of recycled materials and learn how flowers can help us in our daily lives!

2 hours