Thanks for another great Earth Day Soiree!

Find pictures, trivia answers, and event fundraising totals from our 2018 event below.

Photos by the talented Heidi Baxter, see more of her work here.


The answers you've been waiting for...

ROUND #1 - Plants Answers 
1. What is the term used for the study of plants?

2. What plant in Disney’s Pocahontas  is referred to as her Grandmother?
Weeping Willow

3.What is the longest living non-clonal organism on earth?
The great basin bristlecone pine

4. For whom is the Jardine Juniper named?
U.s. Secretary of Agriculture, William Marion Jardine

5. Which state named tomato juice the official state beverage in the 1800’s?

6. Name the term for the elongated flower cluster with single flowers on stems arranged along a stalk.

ROUND #2- Animals Answers

1. Name the professional basketball team that shares its mascot with the largest bird in Cache Valley.
New Orleans Pelicans

2. Identify the bird that sings this song:
Red-Winged Blackbird

3. What is the natural habitat of arboreal mammals?
In or amongst the trees

4. What is the scientific name for a cold-blooded animal?
An ectotherm

5. What do you call an animal that is active at dusk and dawn?

6. What is a palmiped?
A bird with webbed feet


ROUND #3 - Ecosystems Answers

1. True or False: Forest Fires are always harmful to the environment.

2. All the Ecosystems on earth are connected by the ______ cycle.

3. An organism that creates its own food is called________.
An autotroph

4. Temperature, Light, air, water, soil, and climate are all_____Parts of the environment?

5. The chemical process where plants convert sunlight and carbon dioxide into sugar and oxygen is known as_____________.

6. What is the name for the underground network of rootlets used to transport nutrients between plants and fungi?


ROUND #4- Weather Answers

1.In what part of the atmosphere does the majority of our weather take place?

2.What 2002 Sheryl Crow song pays homage to basking in delightful sunny weather?
Soak up the Sun

3. Wind has a lot to do with a coming storm. On a sunny day, which winds would most likely to indicate a coming storm front

4. What is a zephyr?
A gentle breeze (3-7 mph winds)

5. Who discovered (Meteorologically) Peter sinks?
Zane Stephens

6. At what temperature are fahrenheit and Celsius the same?

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