Adult workshops

Tasty Trees: Making Maple Syrup | Mar 18th

Make your Saturday extra sweet by joining Stokes Nature Center for a fun, interactive workshop! We will be tapping trees and teaching how to turn tree sap into delicious syrup.
Participants will learn how to identify which trees to tap and when. Come and experience something new! Get acquainted with the best trees for syrup-making, practice your tapping skills, taste sap straight from the trunk, and discover the process of turning sap into syrup. We will also explore the history of tree tapping in the United States including Native American techniques and legends and discuss the health benefits of natural syrup as an alternative to processed sugar. Each participant will leave the workshop with their own tree tapping “spile” and small sample of Stokes Nature Center syrup.

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May is for Mushrooms: Foraging Workshop | May 6th
from 20.00

Mushroom Foraging Workshop
Instructor: Michael Peip

9:00 am - 5:00 pm  | meet at Caffe Ibis at 8:45 am 

Join us for a full day excursion in the mountains! We will be learning the tips and tricks of foraging for wild mushrooms in Logan Canyon with Utah Mycology expert, Michael Peip.
Snacks will be provided, but remember to bring a lunch and water bottle.

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