In-Kind Donations

have something to donate?

Not all donations to the Stokes Nature Center are monetary. We are always in need of various items to help advance our mission. If you would like to donate an item to Stokes, please fill out the form below.

Donations we accept often fall under the general categories listed below:

  • Exhibit Item*
  • Museum Collection Item*
  • Educational Programs
  • Gear
  • Facilities
  • Auction/Raffle Item
  • Office Supplies
  • Other

*The Stokes Nature Center seeks to promote and educate about the local natural environment. Consequently, items will only be accepted if they are consistent with those found in the Northern Utah ecoregion. (Great White Shark skulls, while interesting, are not naturally found within our ecoregion so their donation will not be accepted.)

Unfortunately, due to storage constraints we will not be able to accept every donation offered to us. Nevertheless, we are grateful for your consistent, generous support in advancing nature education and exploration.   


Don't know what to donate?

Refer to our wishlist (below) containing items we are in current need of. If you are donating multiple items, please group items intended to be used together in one application. For organizational purposes, if you are donating multiple, dissimilar items, please fill out separate forms for each donation.


Instruments for Nature Music Class:

  1. Remo Fiberskyn 3 HD-8510-00 10" Pre-Tuned Frame Drum (12)
  2. Basic Beat BB201 Egg Shaker  (22)
  3. Basic Beat BBH06 Guiro Crow Sounder with Mallet (12)
  4. Westco Wrist Bells (12) 
  5. Basic Beat BBR8 8-note Resonator Bells w/ Case (4 boxes)
  6. Basic Beat BBT08 Tambourine (12)
  7.  Westco 10" Lummi Sticks, (12 Pairs)



  • Wood chips for landscaping
  • 10 x 13 area rug
  • Bird costumes
  • Eco friendly Toilet Paper, Paper Towels
  • Eco-friendly Large Garbage bags
  • 3D Topographic Map of the Bear River Range
 Topographic map of Logan Canyon and Cache Valley for Nature Center

Topographic map of Logan Canyon and Cache Valley for Nature Center

Auction/Raffle Items:

  • Gift cards
  • Experiences (Ski pass, spa trip, etc.)

Office Supplies:

  • Paper, pens, staples, envelopes, etc
  • Laptops (2)
  • First Aid supplies