The Allen & Alice Stokes
Legacy Society

The Stokes Legacy Society was established to celebrate and thank those individuals who share our vision to explore, engage, and protect the natural world.

Through their actions, these members are continuing to honor the values and memory of Allen and Alice Stokes.

The Stokes Legacy Society consists of generous members, alumni, and friends who have chosen to remember Stokes Nature Center through annual, major, and/or planned gifts that are meaningful to them. They are visionary and uncommonly dedicated. Their philanthropy ensures Stokes Nature Center will be able to continue to provide year-round nature education and outdoor recreation to inspire generations to be stewards of our natural world.

Members of the Stokes Legacy Society are recognized in our publications and on our website and also enjoy:

Steps to become a member of the Stokes Legacy Society:

  1. Pledge an annual gift of $1,000 + (separate from giving at special events) or

  2. Make a major gift of $5,000 + or

  3. Arrange for a planned gift through your estate, security transfers, or create an endowed fund.

  4. Inform the Allen and Alice Stokes Nature Center that you have made the necessary arrangements by submitting the Stokes Legacy Society membership form.

Contact us at or call 435-755-5017

You may also download the form here and mail  a completed form to:

Stokes Nature Center
Attention: Executive Director
PO Box 4204
Logan UT 84323

Legacy Society Members

Val & Sue Grant
Paul & Mary Holden
Bryan Dixon & Jean Lown
Sally Keller

Chris Sands
Nathan & Christine Hult
Mae & Merv Coover
John B. Rumsey & Elizabeth W. Pine

Susan Doucette
Eric Gese &  Pat Terletzky
Jim & Adrienne Akers
Jack & Christina Greene
Chris & Noelle Call
Bill & Diane Browning Oblock
Allen Stokes Jr.

Janis Boettinger & Gene Schupp
Michael Torrens & Claudia Radel
Chuck & Lou Gay
Andy & Lauren Keller
James & Corinne Levy
Steve & Linda Sargent
Richard and Anne Hoff

Barbara Bentz & Darren McAvoy
Barb Farris
Norb & Mary Debyle

Edna Berry & Stan Laughlin
Jen Levy & Sean Keenan
Glen & Patricia Bohm Trostle
Anne Hatch

William & Joyce Popendorf
Phaedra Budy & Nick Bouwes
Sally Sears
Chris Luecke & Nancy Mesner
Anthony Turhollow & Helga Van Miegroet

Alex Anderson & Sara Goeking
Thad & Jenny Box

Wayne Wurtsburgh & Linda L'Ai
Michael Taylor & Karin Kettenring
Alice Denney
Glen & Kathryn Gantz

Brittany & Andrew Foster
Paul & Sunny Stewart