Stokes Nature Center, with the support of the Utah Humanities Council, presents the History of Logan Canyon Podcast Tour. The podcast series includes 15 audio recordings of different stories about historical sites and legends of Logan Canyon, each linked to a specific site in the canyon.  Now you can travel through Logan Canyon learning about its amazing history and fascinating lore.  Listen as you go or stop and explore along the way.

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Too Many Sheep

Sheep grazing during the 1800’s led to deterioration of Logan Canyon.

Narrated by Elaine Thatcher.


Establishing a Forest Reserve 

Disgusted with the deterioration of Logan Canyon, Logan’s citizens came together and a forest reserve was born.

Narrated by Lisa Thompson.

A Growing National Forest

Logan Canyon is part of the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest, a nationally protected area which had grown and changed many times over the years.

Narrated by Lisa Thompson.

Stokes Nature Center’s Beginnings

Stokes Nature Center has been the primary environmental education organization in Cache Valley since 1997, but it was a work in progress even earlier, begun by a group of volunteers and an abandoned building.

Narrated by Val Grant.

Power Struggle

The first two plants to provide power to Logan utilized Logan River; a power struggle over resources and customers ensued.

Narrated by Val Grant.

Witch’s Castle

The Wind Cave, a beautiful natural formation in Logan Canyon, has inspired stories of a supernatural resident – a witch named Hecate.

Narrated by David Sidwell.

Forest Army

The Civilian Conservation Corps of the 1930’s left a lasting legacy, both nationally and locally, including a well-known landmark in Logan Canyon.

Narrated by Elaine Thatcher.

Old Ephraim

The legendary conflict between sheepherder Frank Clark and Old Ephraim, Utah’s last documented grizzle bear (and a notoriously large one at that!), is one of the most widely told stories of Logan Canyon.

Narrated by David Sidwell.

Temple Sawmill

The sawmill that provided lumber for Cache Valley’s LDS temple survived fierce competition, had a productive life, and then met a mysterious end.

Narrated by Elaine Thatcher.

St. Anne’s Ghost

According to local legend, a mysterious presence haunts St. Anne’s Retreat in Logan Canyon.

Narrated by David Sidwell.

Road to Recreation

In the 1870’s, Logan Canyon began to be used to recreation. To “tony” around was a colloquialism for relaxing and playing, and led to the naming of one of the most well-known areas in the canyon, Tony Grove.

Narrated by Elaine Thatcher.

The Naming of Logan Canyon

This is the story of Ephraim Logan, a fur trapper thought to be the namesake of the Logan River.

Narrated by Elaine Thatcher.


Beaver Mountain Ski Area

Beaver Mountain Ski Area, the oldest family-run ski operation in the country, began with a single rope tow.

Narrated by Val Grant.

Plane Crash of 1953

In 1953, a military transport plane carrying soldiers home from the Korean War crashed in Pat Hollow.

Narrated by Elaine Thatcher.

Bear Lake Monster

Reported sightings of a strange creature in Bear Lake during the 1860’s grew into a monster-sized legend.

Narrated by David Sidwell.