Stokes Nature Center Volunteer Programs

Acknowledgment and Assumption of Risks and Liability Waiver

In consideration of the services of the Stokes Nature Center (SNC), its agents, owners, officers, employees, representatives, and all other entities associated with it (hereafter collectively referred to as SNC), I agree as follows:

I understand that participation in activities in the outdoors involves a certain degree of risk and danger. These risks may include, but are not limited to:

1) Risks present in an outdoor or wilderness environment. These risks include travel in high altitude and mountainous terrain. While traveling in these areas, hazards may not be marked or visible; weather is changeable, unpredictable, and dangerous year round, and lightning, rivers, creeks, falling rocks, snow and ice, avalanche dangers, fallen timber, stinging insects, wild animals, and other natural hazards and dangers exist.

2) Risks involved in any physical activity. Activities may require running, sustained climbing or hiking, or lifting or moving arms and legs repetitively.

3) Risks in staff judgment. SNC staff and volunteers must make various judgments and decisions as they conduct educational activities in changing indoor or outdoor environments. These judgments and decisions are, by their nature, imprecise and subject to error. Consequently, there are risks involved in decision-making and conduct, including, but not limited to, the risk that a SNC representative may misjudge a participant’s capabilities, or misjudge weather, terrain, water level, or river and/or terrain route location.

4) Risks associated with travel. Travel can be by vehicle, skis, snowshoes, boat, or other means and can be over rough, mountainous and unpredictable terrain or via lakes and rivers, in snow, sleet, rain, or other adverse weather conditions.

5) Risks connected with geographic location. Participant activities may take place in remote locations several hours away from any medical facilities, where communication and transportation are difficult and where evacuation and medical care may be delayed.

6) The risk that equipment used in any activity may break, fail, or malfunction, despite reasonable maintenance or use.

7) Risks regarding conduct. The potential that I, or other participants, or third parties (e.g. driver, rescue squad, hospital) may act carelessly, recklessly, and generally fail to exercise care.

8) Such other risks, hazards, and dangers that are generally associated with educational and/or outdoor adventure activities.

I, for and on behalf of myself and my heirs, executors, administrators, and representatives, hold SNC and all of their officers, agents, employees, and volunteers harmless for any liability associated with my actions or the actions of a third party in the event that I suffer either injury, death, or property damage while participating in the program, and I indemnify SNC for my negligent actions.

I also agree that if I have any reason, or SNC has any reason to question my physical or mental ability to participate in the specified program, that I will acquire a physician’s opinion prior to the program and make this information available to SNC. I am aware that the State of Utah and SNC does not provide medical insurance coverage and therefore take full responsibility for my personal insurance.

I am aware that I am personally responsible for my own equipment, supplies, and personal property during the course of the program.

I am aware that if I drive or provide my own motor vehicle for transportation to, during, or from the program site, I am responsible for my own acts, and for the safety and security of my own vehicle. SNC and its personnel are not responsible for the safety of this transportation.

I authorize SNC to obtain or provide medical care for me or transport me to a medical facility. I authorize SNC or other medical personnel to render such treatment they deem necessary for my health. I agree that SNC has no responsibility for medical care provided to me, and I agree to pay all costs associated with such medical care and transportation.